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The area to be coated typically defines the type of floor you would want

Choosing the proper floor coating takes careful thought. Luckily, Savage Surfaces garage floor resurfacing contractors in Avon, OH can help. We assist you in choosing from quartz, metallic and flake floor coating options. For metallic floors, we use epoxy. For quartz and chip floors we use polyaspartic. Polyaspartic is a much stronger material than epoxy and cures very fast. For this reason, polyaspartic is ideal for garage floor coatings.

Our Garage Floor Resurfacing Contractors serve in Avon Ohio.

Who Says Concrete Can't Be Beautiful?

People who don’t know about concrete coatings

Find A Look That Appeals To You

Our floor coatings come in three different styles. You can choose:

  • A metallic floor coating – often used in restaurants; made with only epoxy materials
  • A flake floor coating – often used in homes; made with epoxy or polyaspartic materials
  • A quartz floor coating – often used in hospitals; made with epoxy or polyaspartic materials

You might prefer flake coatings for their range of color options, or metallic coatings for their smooth, professional appearance. Either way, we’ll handle the installation with care.

Learn more about our flake, quartz and metallic floor coating options by calling 1-440-714-3466 now. We offer free estimates.

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